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Catholic Pick-Up Line Song (Music Video)

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A music video to the Catholic Pick-Up Line Song, also known as "Sing Along" and the "Catholic Love Song" by David Casper, a Catholic music artist from College Station, Texas. Enjoy & share with friends! Just in time for St.Valentine's Day 2015!This music video was created about two years ago back in 2013 for my Freshman Production class at John Paul the Great Catholic University. I recently decided to upload it for submission to JP Catholic's 2015 Valentine Film Festival, I hope you enjoy this short Catholic humor. :) Send it to your Catholic sweetheart this St. Valentine's Day! ♥ Thanks to my wonderful crew that helped make this film possible, we had lots of fun filming it. Producer/Director: Janisse FloresEditor: George Perez Actress/Actors: Girl - Ivanna Diaz Guy - Nick McAfeeLocations: St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Poway, California & Legacy Apartments in Mira Mesa, CaliforniaCopyright © We have recieved special permission from Catholic Artist, David Casper to use his song for our music video. Thanks David for composing this song! Song was purchased from iTunes Music Store Song Lyrics: Sing Along (Catholic Love Song) by David Casper So what’s your name, babe? And what’s your favorite way to pray? Is this pew taken, babe? Couldn’t help but notice you came alone to daily Mass todayDo you think it might be fun if we play a little game? We can sit and try and guess each other’s Confirmation namesMy guardian angel says he thinks that yours is kinda cuteWhat would you say, babe If I told you you reminded me of Mary? And what would your reaction be If I confessed that St. Therese is only half as sweet?Well, my discernment is over, I’ve discovered my vocation Let’s have dinner at my place – it’s a feast of obligation and I Didn’t believe in predestination till I met youSo let’s sing along to the Song of Songs and love will lead us home Let’s sing and dance in this Divine Romance and never walk this road aloneSo take my hand, babe At the risk of sounding just a bit too eager Please, take my hand, babe I lost my rosary and I need to use your fingersI’ve been in Adoration, but never quite like this I’d be a second-class relic if you’d just give me a little kiss I’ll be the answer to your novena, if you answer mine too



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